About Us

About Pumphrey Plumbing

Pumphrey Plumbing is a small, independently owned and operated business. We are licensed and insured with over 25 years of experience. We offer a full range of plumbing services for residential customers in the Anne Arundel County region. Of all the services, we take pride in the fact that a majority of our experience is in waterline repair and replacement, hence, our specialty. Our desire is to provide quality workmanship that results in great customer satisfaction. Pumphrey Plumbing wants you to feel confident that you have called the right plumber for the job and are willing to refer to others.

Meet Your Master Plumber: Jack C. Pumphrey III

It only seemed natural for Jack to pursue the profession of plumbing as he is a fourth generation master plumber.

At the age of 15, Jack accompanied his father to plumbing calls and service work during the summer months as a plumber's helper. Additionally, Jack worked on his grandparent's farm which is widely known as one of the largest produce farms for Anne Arundel County. After obtaining his driver's license, Jack's availability and flexibility increased significantly lending way to a greater personal involvement in both of the family businesses.

Following high school, Jack attended the local community college. During this time, Jack expanded his workload with the family plumbing business. Jack's increased experience with the family plumbing business confirmed within that Jack's true calling was to be a plumber. Jack then enrolled in the four year apprenticeship plumbing program where he attended evening classes twice a week while working full time to help expand his knowledge and experience in this particular trade. Upon completion of the plumbing program, Jack received his journeyman license. After the required four thousand work hours as a journeyman, Jack was awarded his master plumber and gas fitter license. During the course of the company's professional development, the business received a large volume work from the class action law suit for the polybutylene water lines. Jack was the lead plumber selected to repair and replace water lines outlined in this suit. The involved time in this type of work strengthened Jack's ability to master this particular process resulting in many well satisfied clients and ultimately resulting in providing Jack with a local competitive advantage. In addition to being lead plumber and specializing in water lines, Jack was promoted to partner in the family business.

An opportunity presented itself where Jack could direct his dedication to customers and his professional experience independently. As a result, Pumphrey Plumbing, LLC was established. Jack brings with him a stellar level of work ethic that was instilled in him through both the family farm and plumbing businesses. Jack's dedication to his trade, increased knowledge, and vast experience will continue to ensure that his clients will be given superior customer service.